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Renee Gardner, MS

Hello and welcome! I am happy for this opportunity to share a bit about myself and my counseling approach with you.

It is exciting and inspiring to work with people who want to make positive changes in their lives. I believe that we all have access to a wise self that can guide the way to what is true for us now, in this moment. It is this part that can bring awareness of beliefs and patterns from the past that limit our ability to experience satisfying relationships, success at work or school or a personal sense of wellbeing.

Awareness makes room for new choices:
  • To say yes to what fulfills you
  • To risk deeper connection in relationships
  • To say no (set healthy limits)
  • To ask for what you need
  • To disagree with negative perceptions
  • To communicate clearly and effectively

The increased sense of well-being that can come from these changes is what makes this work exciting!

Renee Gardner, MS